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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gritty Sage Advice: Wax On, Wax Off

A couple of weeks ago, I solicited friends for questions that I could answer weekly (or more!) right here on this blog. Gritty Sage Advice. Out of all the questions, I chose this one to kick it off:

Tina Bowen writes:

"Brazilians? All the way? Landing strip? Just some sexy people that want to party?"

So, I got a wild hair and decided to write about it (bad pun totally intended, Gritty's mild perv status maintained).

Dear Tina Bowen: 

You pose an interesting question. Why would a women want to essentially and painfully rip out all of her pubic hair? Why do some go "all the way" (Brazilian) or another option (shaping the remaining hairs in a pattern, hence, landing strip)? Are these sexy people that want to party? I would hope so! But I digress....

In essence, some women chose to do this because they look, uh, "unkempt" down there in a bathing suit or some other skimpy attire. For others it's a sexy, body enhancement thing and for some cultures, it's hygiene based and customary. 

Regardless, there are several main types and subtypes of "looks." Wikipedia has an in depth article on the process, types, and techniques (including lots of, er, intimate pictures, that I am frankly too wimpy to put on this little blog). Click HERE to take a peek at the vast array of vee-jay-jays.

And Ms. Bowen, never to be outdone by other advice style blogs, this author took the plunge herself! That's right, wax on, wax off. I have a friend in the biz, and she supported my "research." In the past I've done some "bikini waxing" (a.k.a American Wax) by my lil' ol' self so my bits weren't hanging out of my swimsuit. I wasn't particularly good at this skill and suffered from some irritation and once a mini-wound. One day, I vowed to do it right (or just forget it and be au naturel). 

Well, the vow won out and I decided on the...wait for it...French wax (not the full on Brazilian). The funny part? I was totally comfortable being "exposed." Didn't really think about it actually. I was too busy yakking with my buddy. Then came the rip! 

Right side wasn't too bad. Okay, it stung a bit, but quickly died down. The left side was a bit brutal (according to my pro, this is common for one side to be more sensitive then the other). Blessed be the "cooling cream" that offered sweet relief. That's when I seriously questioned what the hell I was doing--was it worth it? After taking a peek at my "angry" skin, I was a bit freaked. But also, it looked kinda cool too. Weird. 

The skin calmed down pretty darn quickly and I actually  like how it looks. If I choose to keep it up, I can maintain it far less painfully through hair removal systems and not have to endure wax. If I don't, it was an interesting experiment. Jury is still out at this point. 

So, Ms. Bowen, probably far more info than you need, but hey, here at Gritty City Woman we aim for 150%. Please write again! 




Anonymous said...

I say the less hair the better, but that's just one man's opinion.

Kim Thompson said...


Cool. I think you are not alone!