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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Slip Into Comfortable: Sex in the Gritty City

Okay, let me get this over with right now.

Dildo, vibrator, cock ring, lube, masturbation chamber, bondage, handcuffs, tickle whips, edible undies, and sex games.

Now that I have your attention, let's get busy. No, not that kind of busy. Well, actually YES that kind of busy.

I AM talking about sex. And this writer, in the big picture, got an invitation to celebrate female sexuality. But first, it started with an actual invitation.

My sister- in- law sent me an invitation indicating that she was having a Pure Romance party at her home. I thought it was maybe a lingerie party (yawn). Instead, I'd come to find out this was more than lacy underthings. This was sex toys and aids, the real stuff. A Tupperware style party to get your groove on! Of course I had to be a part of this--I thought it would be a good laugh and give me some fun and racy things to write about. Little did I know, I'd actually come away with an education!

So, I show up at the party, the wine flowed, the laughter was raucous; just  a bunch of women cackling away about their lives. So far, so good--but I wanted to see the dirty bits. NOW.

But then I met June Dewese, Pure Romance consultant.

Pretty and confident, June was our guide for the evening and there to sell products. Well, so I assumed. Really, she was earnest and there to teach too--it went beyond just making sales. I found this curious. So,  I had to ask her, snoop that I am, why do you sell THIS stuff. Why not something else, more, er, conventional? She smiled broadly and said she feels that our bodies were designed specifically and perfectly. We are meant to enjoy our sexuality and embrace it. June said that  loves sharing this knowledge and empowerment with other women and have fun at the same time. I believed her. She had my ear.

And just as we were about to gather around and take look at the, uh, items, in walk two of my sister-in-law's friends. Two attractive women in their 30's strut through the door in short faux fur coats, big, dangling  earrings, hair in a chignons, and sexy high heels. They opened their coats to reveal matching and racy lingerie! One of them, in this adorable Southern accent exclaimed, "You said this was a passion party! Here we are!" Then they proceeded to pull out multiple cans of cold Coors Lights from their coat pockets. The crowd roared. I applauded. Of course I HAD to sit next to these spunky and spirited gals.Now that's the way to live life.

So was June, spunky and living life. She started out with the simpler products at first (lube, lotions, massage) and worked her way into the big guns. We got to pass each item around and June told us exactly how to use it and it's benefits. Sure there was some giggling going on, but for the most part, the ladies were really listening. I did. Frankly, some of this stuff sounded kinda awesome.

There was more than just products just products. There was a story.

I liked the message of the Pure Romance company itself.  Founded by a dynamic woman named Patty Brisben , this company has flourished for over 17 years. Additionally, Ms. Brisben has foundations to help empower women to embrace their sexuality, regardless of age or background. She also works diligently to help women whose libidos have been compromised due to illness, injury, or surgery. I believe that often times women bury their libidos and sex drives for so many reasons--the message from this company is simply, hey there's no shame in this stuff. Talk about it. Enjoy it. Interestingly, when I checked out the company's website, the words, slip into comfortable, were the first images to catch my eye. And that's precisely it--the whole point was for women to slip into being comfortable with their bodies and who they are. 

I thought this was too cool.

So, inquiring minds will want to know--did this gritty author purchase some pleasure items for herself? Hell yeah. Ah, but is the author gonna tell you? Nah. A woman has to have some of  her own secrets!


Lorraine Hart said...

I just love this blog Kim! I know you have a lot of younger readers...but we older gals did NOT pack away our sexuality when we packed away our high-heeled shoes.

Serendipitously...someone sent me a joke today...about an engaged woman, a mistress, and an older married woman. The idea was to meet their partners, wearing only a black bra, undies and a mask under their coats. Of course the first two get passionate love-making as their reward...and the husband says, "What's for dinner, Zorro?" Yeah.

I am a 55 year old (this November...little birthday plug there! giggle) empowered woman who is still a sexual being, though the world doesn't think so. Never mind the damn red hat...pass me a vibrator honey!

There's a million stories in the heart of the Grit City...and I'm glad you brought this one out of the closet Kim...yeah!

Kim Thompson said...

Ah, Lorraine. Thanks! Loved the funny and LOVED the fact that you own it girl! I wanna grow up and be just like you!

June said...

Kim, Thank you for the wonderful write up on what goes on at a Pure Romance Party! You are a great writer!A very special Thank you for talking about The Patty Brisben Foundation, its a wonderful foundation and the more people that know about it, hopefully the more women it will help! For all your readers here is my website for anyone who wants to look around or even shop :)

Jim said...

Love it Kim! I like your provocative side.